Saves time and keeps you safe with medications delivered to your home in smart, easy packaging so you can spend more time doing what you love.


With Guardian atHOME, you’ll avoid trips to the pharmacy and never spend time sorting pills, tracking medications or questioning your bills. We’ll do that for you.


  • Personal Consultation: Our atHOME specialist visits your home for a consultation and medication review
  • Affordable Drug Costs: We coordinate with your physicians to make sure your meds are covered and will change to a comparable alternative to get you the best cost
  • Home Delivery: A one month supply of medication is delivered directly to your home
  • Smart Packaging: Our easy-to-open packets, sorted by date and time, ensure you never miss a dose
  • 24/7 On-Call Pharmacist: To answer your prescription questions and provide personal consultations
  • Simplified Billing: Drugs are billed to your Medicare Part D plan at no additional cost
  • Medicare Part D Planning: During open enrollment, we’ll help you determine which plan offers the broadest coverage for your needs

To get started with the Guardian Pharmacy atHOME program, call 850.306.3003 and press option 1

Watch the video below to see how Guardian Pharmacy atHOME works: