Why are you passionate about LTC pharmacy?

I entered the pharmacy profession because I wanted to help people, and I feared blood so that ruled out being a nurse or doctor. Long-term care gives me the opportunity to help those truly in need like the elderly or disabled. Our work has a positive impact on the lives of others every single day, and I cannot think of a better calling.

What do you like most about your LTC job?

I love and appreciate my team. They have the biggest hearts and come to work every day ready to make a difference in the lives of others. I also enjoy working with our community teams because they include some very talented and dedicated people who provide great care for residents.

Your pharmacy’s greatest accomplishment has been…

Developing a reputation of service excellence and delivering that to our communities and residents every day. When we started 15 years ago, we were the second Guardian Pharmacy, and no one knew who we were. We have worked a long time to build relationships and deliver on our promises. Now, it is an honor and humbling experience when people recognize us as a pharmacy service leader.

Your pharmacy’s culture is…

Built on four key attributes: customers, solutions, teams, and goals. We focus on taking care of our customers (residents and their caregivers); solving problems instead of complaining; and working as a team to achieve our goals. Over the years, we have developed into an extended family – the kind where you enjoy getting together with everyone.

What’s your favorite part about assisting communities and residents? 

I love learning about the residents, their families and meeting their pets. One of my most cherished memories is of Frank, who was a World War II veteran and fought at Iwo Jima. Frank was honored on his 100th birthday with a full honor guard and celebration at his community. He represented such a fabulous generation of Americans, and I’m happy that we played a role in helping a hero.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give customers?

Well, if you are our customer, I would first say thank you for putting your trust in us to deliver for you, your team and your residents. It is an honor, and we are always here to help you. If you are not our customer, then I would ask you to call us because we want to help you too!

If you really knew me, you’d know…

I adore chocolate, especially dark chocolate. Most days any type will do.

If you could have dinner with one famous person from any period in history, who would it be?

I would like to have dinner with Michelangelo. I traveled to Italy a few years ago and saw several of his works including the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the sculpture of David and his most poignant work, the Pieta. It would be amazing to talk with him about his artistry and get his perspective on the times in which he lived.

If you aren’t at work, you are…

Traveling with my family which includes my wonderful husband of almost 29 years and our two daughters. Our most recent trip was to safari in Tanzania, and we are planning to go to Greece this summer.

Do you have an unusual hobby?

I do enjoy sporting clays, and, for some, that is unusual. Since my husband is surrounded by girls, he worked hard to find a sport that we could do as a family. I had the opportunity recently to shoot a few rounds with Fred Burke, and that was very special for me. He coached me on a really tricky pattern and now I can hit those types of targets.

People would be surprised to know…

I am obsessed with wire fox terriers, especially ours named Astro. He has the most boisterous personality, and I can always count on an enthusiastic, welcoming reception when I come home. He jumps flat footed about four feet for the first few minutes and then leaps to the couch where he expects to be appropriately adored.