Guardian of Northwest Florida is pleased to announce the addition of a new automated inspection system to our services.

Several customers within our service area use multi-dose compliance packaging in their communities. We work diligently to stay informed of any new technology in our industry that will assist us in providing continuous quality improvement to our customers and the InspectRx imaging system for better accuracy in the multi-dose compliance packaging process.

Guardian NWFL’s InspectRX machine

Currently, our pharmacy staff members manually filter through these pouches to verify them for accuracy. InspectRx is our newest piece of automated equipment which we know will only add to the quality of services we are able to provide. InspectRx works in conjunction with our TCGRX machine.  An imaging system allows our staff to see each pill in each pouch with the assistance of a dashboard in our software. This dashboard guides our staff to any specific pouch that may contain an issue with its contents.

Inspect Rx not only reduces the amount of time associated with physically handling each pouch numerous times by numerous staff members, but it definitely increases the overall accuracy of the multi-dose packaging itself. Chris Wylie, RPh, has become the subject matter expert within our pharmacy and his team in this area of our pharmacy, is dedicated to making sure that the right pill is in the right pouch for the right patient each time.

InspectRx uses laser technology, to compare each pill with the information printed on the reverse side of the pouch. Both sides of each pouch are photographed and sent to our internal database and then made viewable on the dashboard for our pharmacist to verify it for accuracy.   If the staff of your assisted living community or skilled nursing facility are interested in touring our pharmacy to view this system in person,  please give Ali Wiggins a call at 850-209-8787 to schedule an appointment.