Guardian Pharmacy of NWFL has recently created a new marketing tool to welcome potential residents in the assisted living communities that we service throughout the Florida panhandle and lower Alabama. Within assisted living communities each family member and resident has the right to choose the pharmacy provider they wish to use while residing in the community. However, each assisted living community must have a long term care house pharmacy.

Often times there is a misconception among the general public as to the differences in a retail pharmacy and a long term care pharmacy. When potential family members are searching for the best possible community to place their loved one, they tour many assisted living communities in order to find the best fit for their loved one. In doing this they this are looking for a community that best in dining, activities, living amenities, etc. One thing that isn’t always discussed in a tour such as this, is the long term pharmacy that the community has chosen to services these residents.

The administration in choosing the best possible long term care pharmacy to partner with is very important in the quality of care for these residents. Having one pharmacy decreases the possibility of medication errors within the community, as well as makes medication management safer all the way around.

Guardian Pharmacy NWFL has now created a video to show the services we provide. This video benefits both the staff within the community and the resident and their family members. It answers many frequently asked questions, such as our processes and procedures, billing and insurance advantages, delivery and ease of use, 24 hour availability, automation, and our continuous quality improvement measures.

We at Guardian Pharmacy are honored to be a part of the service within these communities. We are confident that this tool will only enhance the services that are provided for these residents and their family members. The link to view this video is and we hope you will take the time to view it and learn more about our services. For more information about Guardian Pharmacy NWFL please give us a call as 855.306.3003.