Multi-dose compliance packaging offers a solution to help your community with the time-consuming and repetitive tasks during each medication pass. This allows your staff to spend more time with the residents. With multi-dose compliance packaging, Guardian Pharmacy of NWFL can provide the tools that you need to improve workflow.

Multi-dose reduces the risk of nurse administering the wrong medication.

These packages are clearly labeled to make it easy to identify and accurately administer medication against the medication administration record (MAR).

Multi-dose makes self-administration much easier.

For the self-administer resident in your community, the labeling of the multi-dose packaging is flexible and allows them to easily take their morning, afternoon and evening medications, without having to remove pills from bottle and place into timed reminder boxes.

Multi-dose allows for immediate medication pass quality checks.

At a quick glance into your medication cart, your nursing staff will be able to determine if a resident has received their medications at the appropriate times and dates. Each label is identified with date and time. So if they discover any multi-dose package that is labeled to give prior to that date and time, then they can easily see that the medications were not given.

Multi-dose allows for a leave of absence from your community at a reduced risk.

Because of the way that multi-dose packaging is designed, when a resident leaves your community for an extended stay away with a family member, your nursing staff only has to remove the medications for the days they will be away. With blister cards, the entire card must be given and you are at high risk for medication diversion or loss when that resident returns.

Discontinuing medications in multi-dose packaging.

When a medication is discontinued, the pharmacy is notified and your staff simply segregates that medication to the lower right hand corner of the packaging, then seals it with the heat sealer provided. If the order changes in dosage, the new medication is sent from the pharmacy, and your staff simply attaches the new dosage to that multi-dose package at the appropriate time.