On Friday, February 16th, 2018, Alan Obringer, President of Guardian Pharmacy of Orlando, along with Carol Craig, Director of Finance gave a tour of the pharmacy to La Amistad Behavioral Health Services employees Shaun Blackshear and Brandon Johnson, pictured below.  In addition to the personal tour, two employees from CareFusion-BD were on site to give a live demo on the newest Pyxis Auto Med Dispensing unit, which the customer is interested in having on site.

La Amistad is an inpatient Behavioral Health Center located in Winter Park, Florida, that services both Adolescents and Adults suffering from mental disorders and drug abuse. They take residents from all across the Country by providing a comprehensive, long-term treatment program that focuses on helping patients build healthy relationships, facilitating personal growth and independence, and learning coping skills to deal with problems functioning in the home, work, and/or school environment.

With the multitude of medications and changes in treating residents, the Pyxsis Auto Med Dispense Unit would be the ideal technology for both campuses.  Guardian Pharmacy of Orlando works closely with their customers to customize treatment and services that best fits their needs.  For more information on Guardian Pharmacy of Orlando, please contact Jill Daly at 863-670-7554.

Pyxis Demonstration to La Amistad Behavioral Health. Pictured left to right is Carefusion Representative, Joe King, Alan Obringer, President of Guardian Pharmacy, Brandon Johnson, RN from La Amisstad Behavioral Health and Carol Craig, Director of Finance and Administration with Guardian Pharmacy