February was a very busy month for Guardian Pharmacy SEFL. In addition to giving our communities the very best pharmaceutical care, our professional team took time to celebrate two important holidays – Valentine’s Day and Black History Month.

Photographed: Lunise Eugene

For Valentine’s Day, our Medical Records Department staff filled our break room with some love — heart decorations! They conducted our team building exercise, which centered around the theme “Old Time Valentine.” The exercise consisted of three teams, each given a small clear bowl with a lid that was filled with 18 different types of old-fashioned candy. Members of each team had to name as many of the 18 different candies as possible. The team that named the most candy correctly won our grand prize: individually wrapped cups of bundled!

To celebrate Black History Month, The Medical Records Department created several educational materials, including fact sheets on outstanding black leaders, and decorated the inside of their offices with them.

From L to R: Laura Rodriguez, Summer Baker, Alana Browne, Alexandria ‘Sasha’ Benyue, Herneshia ‘Nesie’ Maddox, Sandra Brown, Jasmine Gordon, Cheryl Naville and Taylor Coutain