To celebrate all the accomplishments that the Guardian SEFL team achieved throughout this turbulent year, we dedicated December 14-18 to employee appreciation and celebrating holidays. The weeklong festivities culminated in a special holiday luncheon, where we reflected on 2020 and the ways in which each member of our staff contributed to the betterment of our communities. We are looking forward to 2021!

  Day 14 – Door or Office Decorating Contest Winners (1st place door by the billing team on left and 2nd place by Carla Clark on right)

Day 14 – 1st Place Office – Medical Records Department

Day 15 – Sweet Tooth Day


Day 16 – 1st Place Best Winter Dress-Up Day (Misty Curcio as Cindy Lou Who)

Day 17 – Appreciation Luncheon with Door Prizes & Giveaways


President – Alan Traster, Charmaine Munnings and Stalia Alteme

Day 18 – ‘Name That Tune’ & more prizes