At Guardian Southeast Florida we have always prided ourselves on the spectacular job our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department does in making sure our communities get the right medication at the right time. During these stressful times, the CSR department continues to excel, going above and beyond in helping our facilities with the delivery process. Nothing, including COVID-19, is going to stop them! Check out the medication infection control packaging and transport procedures they have in place.

CSR, Joseph (aka) ‘Anthony’ Altamiranda & CSR Senior Team Lead, Yvonne Brown

Normal procedures regarding delivering medications from the pharmacy to a few of the facilities can no longer be followed due to COVID-19. Instead of medications being delivered inside of plastic totes, they are now packaged into brown paper bags which are then placed inside of a large plastic clear bag. This was done to help the reception process of our communities obtain their medications from the pharmacy. These precautions support the practice of proper infection control.