As we settle into our new office, it’s nice to look back at all the wonderful things we accomplished at our previous location through the hard work and dedication of our Guardian SEFL professional team that was the lifeblood of our exceptional growth. We would like to highlight the last special team-building activity that took place in March before our attention shifted to the COVID-19 pandemic. A belated thanks to our medical records team for throwing a Dr. Seuss birthday party and holding a National Read Across America exercise centered around “The Cat in the Hat” theme. Here were the three events:

  1. Goldfish Relay
  1. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Bean Bag Toss 
  1. Cat in the Hat Stack

The winning team’s prize was a large, delicious cupcake and a wooden back scratcher with a “Cat in the Hat” rhyme. To celebrate the event, the medical records team decorated their office and our break room!


Left to right: Rachelle Ferra, Stephon Roberson, Ketsia Lucien, Landia Valdez, Jasmine Gordon and Lavern Blake

Decorated by our medical records team: Alana Browne (Supervisor), Summer Baker and Laura Rodriguez